Bespoke Systems for Steel Protection


Ferrous Substrates exposed to the elements always require long term and effective solutions. Media Blasting provides a suitable key to promote adhesion and ensure the subsequent coating will provide a durable finish. Additional protection can be provided using ion-donating primers. Final coats can have chemically resistant finishes for steel and concrete bund and tank linings. 



  • External Storage Tanks
  • Steel Bunds
  • Floodgates
  • Structural Steelwork


Some of our Blasting work...


Preparation by Grinding


Before applications we ensure substrates are fully prepared. This provides a suitable base for coatings to bond to and minimises risk of delamination. Furthermore, we can carry out grinding work on its own, without any follow up coat, which can work well for surfaces which can be polished or left in raw state.


Some of our Grinding work...


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